Update March 2013 (posted: 2013-03-02)

It is time for another update about our recent actions. Currently we are working through a little marathon of interviews and we keep on promoting our new album "The Aeons Torn". We are also steadily planning a larger set of live-concerts for the fall of 2013. One new tourdate has also been announced this week:

23th November 2013 - Thrash The Rainbow - Aachen (Germany)

For all details please see our Tour subpage!

Lately we have also been receiving some very great reviews on our new album from the german print-media, including a full-page story in the recent volume of the german Legacy Magazine:

"Leviathan surpass themselves with their second album "Aeons Torn" and release a milestone of the genre. [...] While other bands cover up their lack of imagination with Retromania Ideas, LEVIATHAN prove how modern sound, excellent songwriting and lyrical texts can create a perfect symbiosis."

Below you can also find a scan of the full german article!

New Album Teaser Online (posted: 2013-02-02)

With the new album "The Aeons Torn - Beyond The Gates Of Imagination Pt. 1"
being available now since one week, we decided to give you a sneek preview on each
of the songs. So here is a brand new teaser, featuring excerpts of
every song of "The Aeons Torn":

Album Release "The Aeons Torn" (posted: 2013-01-25)

Finally the release day is here!!!

From today on our new album "The Aeons Torn - Beyond The Gates Of Imagination Pt. 2"
as well as our debut album "Beyond The Gates Of Imagination Pt. 1" is worldwide available as physical CD (including 16 page booklet) and also as MP3-Download!!

Following we have collected a list of shops where you can get both albums:

You can also still get an impression of the album by downloading our
FREE 3-Track digital EP "The Crescent Moon"

To download the EP, please click the cover.

Metallergrillen & Support from the Wacken Foundation (posted: 2013-01-12)

First of all we are proud to announce another live-show in support
of our new album "The Aeons Torn". We will be part of the
2013 Metallergrillen Open Air in Rockenhausen, near Kaiserslautern.

Date: Saturday, 31. August 2013
All infos: Metallergrillen Homepage

Another thing we would like to announce is, that the production and release
of our new album is being supported by the WACKEN FOUNDATION.

After the insolvency of our past distributor Twilight we had some problems financing
the new album and at that spot the WACKEN FOUNDATION stepped in and helped us
to finance the recorings and the release of the album.

We wanted to use this opportunity to thank the whole board of the foundation
for it's support!! It's great that a big festival like the WACKEN OPEN AIR is using it's
position to help small bands like us!!

New FREE Download-EP (posted: 2013-01-01)

First of all we want to wish a happy new year to all our fans and supporters, that have
helped us to be where we are right now!!

And to celebrate the start of the new year we give you now the first single of our new album
"The Aeons Torn - Beyond The Gates Of Imagination Pt. 2".
It is available again as a FREE Download-EP with the following tracklist:

1. The Crescent Moon
2. When Only Despair Remains ( Remixed & Remastered )
3. The Scourge We Wield

We hope you enjoy this new single, to download the EP just click the cover below!

From today on you can also pre-order "The Aeons Torn" from our official shop!

New Video for "When Only Despair Remains" (posted: 2012-12-20)

Today we released a new video for "When Only Despair Remains" in it's
remixed and remastered version as it is going to be featured on our new album
"The Aeons Torn - Beyond The Gates Of Imagination Pt. 2".

The live-footage that is featured in the video was filmed at our performance at
Aaargh Festival ( Homepage ) in Leutkrichen (Germany) on June 9th 2012.

On January 1st 2013 we will also release a Free Web-EP which will feature the first single of
"The Aeons Torn" as well as this version of "When Only Despair Remains".

Release Show for "The Aeons Torn" (posted: 2012-12-06)

25th January 2013 is coming closer and with it the release of our new album "The Aeons Torn" as
well as the re-release of "Beyond The Gates Of Imagination Pt.1".

To celebrate the release in a proper way, we will be playing a big Release Party at Kulturcafé in Siegburg on the very day of the release. We have planned a lot of specials for this night and
you will also get to see a very special, one-and-a-half hour setlist, which will include songs
of each of our releases so far!

As a special guest our friends from HADEAN will open up the evening
and they will bring you finest Progressive Metal.
Infos on the band: Hadean on Facebook

Tickets will soon be available in our shop for 4€.

We hope to see you all on January 25th!!